Applications and Investment

Term Deposit

Investment option that allows you to choose the period that best suits your needs. With terms between 1 and 365 days, it is available at Investment Boutiques or Prestígio Direct.

Structured Products

Products that are based on the concept of bonds indexed to certain underlying assets (stocks, stock basket, indices, bonds, interest rates, commodities, etc.), both national and international, allowing indirect investment in these underlying assets in an easy and flexible way.

Essentially designed to take advantage of specific market opportunities, they can take on different structures and forms of remuneration, allowing the creation of solutions for different situations, needs or requests.

Derived Products

Banco Prestígio gives you access to the main derivative products, whether options, futures or forward foreign exchange transactions. Such products may be used as leverage and / or hedging instruments for your investments.


Investment Funds

Os Fundos de

Investment Funds are an alternative for the diversification of your portfolio. With different options available, they allow you to choose the ones that best suit your goals, investment horizon and degree of risk tolerance.

Asset Management

We professionally manage your portfolio, investing on your behalf in a wide range of traditional and alternative real estate assets and securities:

Real estate investment management

Management of external funds

Active wealth management

Support in treasury management

Alternative investment offer

Management of securities funds

Private Equity

Private Equity

Participation in Prestígio projects


Development capital

Capital Market

Capital Market

We support you in the application of short, medium / long term funds, through our Markets Room and other instruments to support the capital, bond and shareholder markets.

Our various publications on economic research are yet another resource for our clients, who thus rely on our consultancy to define their objectives based on the most reliable market indicators.

We are authorized by the Angolan Capital Markets Commission to act as a broker, trader and clearer of securities on the Angola Stock Exchange and Derivatives (BODIVA), providing the following services:

Distribution of Public Debt Securities

Commercial paper programs

Eurobonds domestic bonds
Capital increases, on the stock exchange*
Structuring of hedging instruments*
Hybrid capital*
Initial Public Offers (IPOs)*
 Takeover bids* (OPAs)

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