Opening an Account

What are the mandatory documents for Opening an Account?

The necessary documents are:

  1. Identification Document (Passport or Identity Card);
  2. Proof of Tax Identification Number (if you are a foreigner)
  3. Proof of Fiscal Address (Receipt of water, electricity, gas, driving license, etc.);
  4. Salary Receipt or Employer Declaration.
What is the minimum amount for opening an account?

The minimum for opening an account is 1 000 000 AKZ

How can I deposit the minimum for opening an account?

You can go to our Boutique Prestígio and make the deposit, or if you prefer, make a transfer to your Prestígio account.

I'm not an Angolan, can I open an account?

Yes, at Banco Prestígio account coverage is available for nationals or foreigners.

Can I open an account with two holders?

Yes, you can.

Is it possible to have a foreign currency account?

It will be possible to open an account in Kwanzas and US Dollars and Euros

How much do I pay for having this account?

The account maintenance fee.

When opening an account, is the debit card included?

The debit card can be requested when opening an account or when it suits you. It is exempt in the first year and will have an annual cost of 4000 KZ for the renovation.

Internet Banking

How can I be a PRESTÍGO Direct user on a smartphone or tablet?

Just log in to our page through your browser, go to the upper right corner in DIRECT, and register with Login and Password. Then you can start using it right away.

What kind of operations can I perform in Internetbanking, PRESTÍGIO Direct?

Through Internet Banking it is possible to make inquiries, transfers, payments, foreign exchange transactions, constitution of DP's, and constitution / mobilization of Time Deposits.

Can non partners access Internet Banking?

No, the Prestígio Direct Internet Banking Service is exclusive for Banco Prestígio Partners. To access Internet Banking, just open an account with the Bank and request to join the service.

What should I do if I forget / miss the Internet Banking Access CodesO que devo fazer no caso de esquecer/errar os Códigos de acesso ao Internet Banking

You can go to our Boutique or contact your Manager.

Is it possible to change the password?


What do I need to access my accounts through the website?

If you already have access codes for Internet Banking, just log in to the website and access your accounts at PRESTÍGIO Direct.


What is IBAN?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): is the international code that identifies a bank account; will replace the current NIB. If you are a Prestígio Customer, you can consult your IBAN by consulting the header of your Statement or through Internet Banking, under Current Accounts / Account Data (NIB / IBAN).

What is BIC?

(Bank/Business Identifier Code): is the international identification code of each bank. If you are (Client) Prestígio Partner, know the bank's BIC by consulting the header of your Statement or through Internet Banking (Prestígio Direct), under Current Accounts / Account Data (NIB / IBAN). Banco Prestígio's BIC is PRTSAOLU.

Can I give a transfer order via phone?

No, the only means of distance instruction is Internet Banking.


What is an international transfer?

International Transfers are all transfers between accounts domiciled in different banks and transacted in a currency other than KWANZA.


If the Partner wants to cancel a Transfer request, what should he do?

If you want to request a cancellation of a transfer, you will need to contact Banco Prestígio through the dedicated manager by phone or email. The order has an associated cost (see price list 5.2 - return is not guaranteed).

What data do I need to make an international transfer?

To make an international transfer, the recipient's IBAN is required. And the BIC / SWIFT and the beneficiary's address.


É possivel adicionar o carão ao Multicaixa Express?

Is it possible to add the card to Multicaixa Express?


How much does the debit card cost?

The first year is Free, and the renewal costs 4000AKZ

How can I sign up for a debit card?

You can go to our Boutique or contact your Manager.

Is the card sent by mail?

Debit cards must be collected at the Investment Boutique, by the account holder or by a duly authorized third party.

How long does it take to get a debit card?

Personalized debit cards are available for withdrawal within five (5) business days after subscription.

Do I need to activate the debit card?

The debit card is activated immediately after delivery to the Account Holder, after confirmation of receipt in case it is collected by a duly authorized third party.

I lost / stole my debit card, what do I do?

In the event of loss or theft of your debit card, you should call Support PRESTÍGIO, through the number: +.244 923 190 080

Is there a fee for using the card abroad?

The multi-box debit card can only be used in the national territory.

How much does the credit card cost?

We do not have this product on the market yet. As soon as it is available, we will make public communication.

What are the daily limits on debit card transactions?

AKZ 50,000.00 (fifty thousand kwanzas) for cash withdrawals per day, and AKZ 3,000,000.00 (three million kwanzas) for transfers.

How do I activate my debit card?

You must inform your Financial Manager. By phone or email the need to activate the debit card.


Gostaria de fazer um crédito pessoal, o que é necessário?

Would you like to take out a personal credit, what is needed?

Can I repay the loan before the term?

Yes. However, as provided for in the contract, a commission for the full early repayment may be applied. The commission is charged on the amount to be amortized.

How long does it take on average to approve a project?

Project approval always depends on the type of credit and if all the elements requested are on the side of our analysis team

What credit offers do you have available?

Prestigio Liquidity Facility Credit, Investment Credit

What documents are required to apply for financing?

To have access to a financing from Banco Prestigio, you need to be our Partner and according to the type of Credit our manager will present the necessary documentation.


Is Banco PRESTÍGIO an Angolan bank?

YES. Banco Prestígio is an Angolan bank, with Angolan capital. It is regulated by the National Bank of Angola.

Where are your agencies located?

We have a single Boutique in Luanda, located at Rua Rainha Ginga n.º 31, 3.º Andar.


What are the advantages of being your Partner?

We are an innovative bank with very attractive Savings and Financing services and excellent business solutions for all our Partners.


I live abroad, how can I contact Banco Prestígio?

We are available 24h by phone on +244 923 190 080


What is the General Guarantee Fund?

The Deposit Guarantee Fund consists of guaranteeing the repayment of deposits made with the credit institutions participating in it, in the event that they become unavailable. FGD guarantees the reimbursement of the total global value of the cash balances of each depositor, up to the limit of KZ 12 500 000.00 (Twelve million and five hundred thousand Kwanzas).


Limits by Transactions

Internal Transfers

Transaction limit - N/A

Daily limit - N/A

National Transfers

Transaction limit - N/A

Daily limit - N/A

International Transfers

Transaction limit - USD 120,000.00 (one hundred and twenty thousand dollars) per year to cover travel expenses and family allowances

Daily limit - N/A

Payment for Services and Purchases

Transaction limit - AKZ 9,999,999.99 for payments to the Ministry of Finance per transaction.

Daily limit - AKZ 6,000,000.00 (Six million kwanzas) for purchases with TPA / POS cards.

Payments to the State

Transaction limit: AKZ 9,999,999.99 for payments to the Ministry of Finance per transaction

Foreign Exchange Operations

Transaction limit: USD 120,000.00 (one hundred and twenty thousand dollars) per year to cover travel expenses and family allowances

Term deposits

Transaction limit: No limits

Daily Limit: According to FINE

Simplified Account

What is a simplified account?

The Simplified Current Account is a demand deposit account, denominated in Kwanzas, held by a resident natural person, made available by the Institutions, under the conditions and terms provided for in Instruction 8/2020 of April 28 of the BNA, with the objective of promoting the financial inclusion

In which currencies should the deposit be made?

Demand deposits must be made in National Currency (NC).

What is the maximum and minimum amount for a deposit in the current account?



Opening an Account

  • Personal Purposes: 5.000 Kz
  • Commercial Purposes: 10.000 Kz
  • TPA Commercial Purposes: 20.000 Kz



Daily Account Balance

  • Personal Purposes: 300.000 Kz
  • Commercial Purposes: 1 000 000 Kz
  • TPA Commercial Purposes: 2 000 000 Kz

Maximum Accumulated Monthly Value of Credit Transactions

  • Personal Purposes: 600.000 Kz
  • Commercial Purposes: 2 000 000 Kz
What is the cost associated with the Simplified Account?

According to the current price list.

Who can join a Simplified Account?

Product aimed at private resident customers and merchants, reserved for micro entrepreneurs operating in the informal sector.

What are the advantages that the simplified account offers?

Access the following solutions:

  • Bank transfers: handling of funds in a convenient way for any beneficiary (inter1 and intra-bank transfers);
  • Multicaixa Card: immediate and free availability of the Multicaixa network Debit Card, with national acceptance;
  • Access to Prestígio Direct:
  • Internet Banking: service from the Prestígio Direct channel that allows our partners, remote access to accounts, for queries and transactions over the internet, from a computer, through a secure page of the Bank;
  • Mobile Banking: service from the Prestígio Direct channel with features that allow the Bank's offer (services and products) to be made available via mobile phone.
  • Other financial and electronic solutions, available at the Bank
What is the necessary documentation for constituting the Simplified Account?

For individuals:

  • Valid identity card (optional);
  • Any valid identification document (issued by the local State administration);
  • 1 (One) colour passport photograph (if not a holder and ID card);


  • Valid identity card (optional);
  • Any valid identification document (issued by: local State administration);
  • Authorization of municipal administration to carry out the said activity;
  • 1 (One) photograph (if not a holder and ID card).

For the contracting of TPA, the identity card and authorization from the local administration body is essential for the exercise of the activity at the said fixed point of sale.

What are the rules for the Simplified Account?
  • If the partner exceeds the limit of the daily balance established more than 5 (five) times in the period of 12 (twelve) months, or exceeds the monthly limit of transactions more than 2 (two) times in the same period, due to the growth of its income, no longer meets the conditions for maintaining the simplified account:
    • The 180-day period for obtaining, by the partner, an identity card and / or registration from the General Tax Administration under the Legal Regime of the Tax Identification Number is granted, in order to proceed with the conversion of the Simplified Bank Account for a conventional account;
    • At the end of the 180-day period, the Simplified Bank Account must be blocked on credit until the presentation of the identity card and / or confirmation of the tax registration;
    • 30 days after the account is blocked, if the partner still does not present the identity card and / or confirmation of the tax registration, the Simplified Bank Account must be closed.
What are the access conditions for opening a Simplified Account?
  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Be a foreign exchange resident.
Which models will be used in the act of accession?
  • BNA Simplified Account Opening Contract Form (MOD.010_186)
With the entry into force of VAT, will the customer continue to pay stamp duty?

With the entry into force of VAT, some items were replaced by VAT, namely, Stamp Duty, in which 0.7% was previously charged and now 14% VAT, however there are items in which the stamp duty remains (Maintenance Commission and inactive accounts).

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